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Have tried posting on the SE France because being in Haute Savoie we don't really fall under either area. We urgently need a builder to repair a stone gatepost which EDF damaged by driving their truck into it! Anyone know a reasonable builder in the Evian/Thonon area. Have had a quote from a mason - an unbelievable and cool 3000!!!!!

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I dont live in your region, but have recently had my Fosse destroyed by the local Oil delivery merchant. Fortunately, the Insurance company that insured my Oil delivery company, paid in full. Surely EDF have a similar liability.
My advice would be to contact a local Notaire, and ask if you could commence an Insurance action against EDF, assuming that you have a witness or admission from EDF that they did do what you say they did.
Hope this helps.

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Thank you for your reply. Unfortunately, the house was empty at the time, and although it must have been the EDF when they took down electricity poles, we have no proof. We live in Belgium and the house was unoccupied for two years because it was a complicated deceased estate.
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