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relocating to France

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Hi everyone,

Im a French journalist writing on English people relocating to France. Im trying to understand what seems to me a new trend and to do this, I need to get in contact with the most people I can so as I dont write wrong things. Ive already been in contact with British newly established near Carcassonne (aude), Le Grand Bourg (Limousin) and some about to move in Brittany and Charente.
Id be very interested to discuss with whoever would like about their experience, why and how theyve decided to do make the big step, why this region etc.
My photographer and I are also planning to report in England and see people there, explaining and showing why theyve decided to move.
Id really appreciate if you took a couple of minutes to discuss with me.
Thank you
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Hi Cecile
Would be great to talk to you. We have a house in - guess where? and will be moving there in June 2006. Meanwhile, we are still in
Belgium, having lived all over the world. Please leave a message in the private box if you wish to contact us. Thank you.
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