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I have just set up a bulletin board online for people who visit and live in Burgundy. I feel it is a much needed resource here and if supported would be very useful and fun. Please feel free to visit the board and provide any feedback you may think would benefit the board.

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I am a trainee lawyer in England (22yrs), and I am able to speak advanced French. I have been researching life in France, and decided quite a while ago that I would like to relocate to the Burgundy region of France. However, I am worried about the employment aspect of things, in view of the high unemployment rates in France generally.

I would be moving with my mum. We would feel more reassured, if we knew that there were English people in the area, with whom we could exchange tips etc and socialise with. I wonder if anyone has any advice. I have contacted the french equivalent of the jobs centre (anpe.fr), but they said that I need to be a French resident before I can submit my CV etc,
Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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