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Hi All in North Eastern France, which in my opinion is rather a larger area. I am just making an tentative inquiry if anyone needs some free furniture which is nearly new. We live near Mouthe in the Doubs, Franche comte and we are moving to Switzerland. The house we are buying is furnished although some of it is a bit dodgy, I want to replace it with some of my furniture from France. Basically I have been landed with 2 houses of furniture. There is a mixture of single beds, double beds, wardrobes, side table, mattresses, shelves, tables small and long, I also have a dishwasher. If you would be interested and can come and collect it then you can have it for free. We won't be moving until the spring Feb/March 2008. I have some photos of the furniture in situe but would suit someone setting up home.

Email me if you are interested

Thank you


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