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Hello Jay

We live just outside a village in the Vienne which is a department which is quite rural.   They have a dozen or so houses belonging to the commune.

People are there for a variety of reasons, and not all because they are unemployed etc.

Our house's previous owner lived in one of these whilst he was selling and then building a new house.  He was obliged to get out of the house  by his ex-wife who forced him to sell so she could have her share of the property. It took him  3+ years to sell and build his new house.

He is a really decent man, has a responsible job at La Poste, had built our house 30 years earlier (and it is about 280 sq metres)  and is not living on benefits, or likely to cause any trouble for anyone.  And this estate/HML are all very well built houses with gardens.  We have visited him there.   Far superior to the council houses we have in the UK.

If you prefer not to have too many neighbours,  best to buy somewhere more rural as we have done.

Good luck whatever you do.


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[quote user="Clair"]I believe the M in HLM stands for modéré rather than modique.


Usually it's good to check, but sometimes it's dangerous. I had thought the same as you, but the first couple of definitions I found said 'modique'. That turns out to be the Canadian version - I doubt that the OP will be looking that far afield [:D] Thanks Clair.

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