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nice place in saone et loire

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Hello, anyone out there with an opinion of South burgundy? We are intending to move to france next year

and will be visiting Soane et loire in July to look for a nice place to live. (Not specifically looking at houses yet)

Trying to find the right area first. Chose Saone et Loire as not too distant from Rhone dept where my wife's family live.

Generally speaking housing in S&L less expensive than near Lyon.

So any suggestions? Love countryside but don't wish to be too remote.

Thanks Ando


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Hi Ando,

We live just outside St Gengoux Le National so obviously I am biased but I would recommend anywhere between say Buxy and Cluny. The countryside is stunning as its hillier than the eastern side of the A6, lots of lovely villages and of course they make pretty good wine round here. Transport links are excellent too with access to the A6 only 20 mintues away meaning Paris is about 3 hours drive, Marseille 4 hours or the Alps and Switzerland 2 1/2. We also have Le Creusot TGV station with regular trains to Paris taking just 1h19.

Chalon and Macon are both under 45 minutes away are are decent sized towns with extensive choice of supermarkets, bricos etc

Hope this helps a bit


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Hi Ando,

We're in the countryside near to Charolles.  It's a lovely market town with a good supermarket, petrol station, restaurants etc. etc.  We looked around in the Brionnais, but found the Charolais was better value for money property wise.  We're also only about 15/20 minutes from both Paray Le Monial (a big L'Leclerc supermarket, Garden Centre and shops) and Montceau les Mines, which has an excellent Saturday market (over 200 stalls) situated next to the canal.

A 25 minute drive takes us to Cluny (lovely restaurants and shops) and we're a 40 minute drive from the A6 motorway, so not too far across country after our 9 hour drive down from Kent!

Happy hunting!







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