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Any Brits in Metz ?

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Ooo yes lots of recomendations for all types and budgets, what sort of thing do you like?  Surprisingly for a land-locked country, they do very good seafood and lots of if at reasonable prices.

Here's a few ideas:

Judeschlass (it means Hunting Lodge) in the forest just outside town, very traditional, very popular does fantastic venison, the only place I have been asked 'would sir like his steak from a stag or a doe?' What's the difference says I 'about €5 sir'

Hashimoto, a sushi/sashimi restaurant which is part of a tennis club (honestly), the best Japanese food I've ever had, all prepared freash to order and best of all, in Lux size portions !!!

Mousel Cantina, in the Grund (centre of town) again very traditional, bring large appitite and go for the pig knuckle, also order Getzwicket (sp?) the cloudy beer in a stone 'glass' Mmmmmm

Zwie Brucken (sp?) again very traditional but a bit more sophisticated than the Cantina, not expensive though, does a good horse steak.

Kamf Kohle just off the Place d'Armes, the most wonderful pastries and other stuff and a cheese shop (yes really) where you can have a sample plate of wonderful cheeses and some wine for an excellent light lunch, I was a bit baffled when my plate of cheese arrived with a knife and fork to eat it.  There's posh now!!

Amarine, a fish restarunt in the Auchan shopping complex at the Kirchberg.  Don't be put off that its in a shopping mall, very good seafood and great plateau des fruit de mer, good prices.

Hotel Royale Garden Rooms, a restaurant in the Hotel open to all, lovely food in lovely surroundings bit a bit pricy as you might expect for a 5 star hotel.

Last but not least, Brasserie Kirchberg, a little out of the way but really nice brasserie type food, beautifully presented in nice atmosphere

No end of places really, all types and all budgets.  If you are staying out of town I may be able to make more suggestions

(PS, you're not staying near the Gare are you?  If so I would advise you choose anywhere else, just about the only unsavoury area in the whole of Lux)


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thank you so much for taking the time to write this, we are staying in metz for 4 nights in the hotel de cathedral but are driving to Luxembourg for the day on the friday, budget not so important as atmosphere and good food, but as we are with company, the meat and 2 veg type may be best, although I am tempted very much by the cheese shop,

what a lux portions ?
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Where are you then?  We're in Gerbepal (between Gerardmer and Anould).

Do you like it here?  We do - a lot!  Getting a bit chilly now though - kids are getting v excited at the thought of some snow. 


PS  pm me if you fancy meeting up sometime...

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Gerardmer is a really nice place and we've camped a few times around there (usually up the road at Rehaupal) but every visit has caused us some sort of problem.

First time there, we left the motorbike locked up outside the tourist offfice. When we returned, I couldn't find the keys anywhere.  Turned out all my pockets, starting to get that awful 'what the hell do I do now....' feeling when I spotted I'd left the keys in the topbox lock....

Next time we visited the place it was in the camper.  It was pouring with rain and after wandering around the town, we returned to the car park and found that the key fob bleeper which operates the alarm on the camper had stopped working.  Leaving Mrs Sunday to drip in the car park, I ran round all the shops looking for a replacement battery.  By now it was nearer 6pm and the very last place I tried was a small jewellers up a side street .  The old guy didn't have any, but he had a root round his workshop and emerged triumphantly, clutching an old half expired battery which thankfully had enough life in it to switch the alarm off.

Very obliging folk in Gerardmer....


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Good to hear you still like it despite the traumas!  We find the Geromois very friendly and helpful - completely unlike some of the descriptions of "the French" that can be found in many threads here.  Maybe because immigrants are thin on the ground and therefore still have some "novelty" value?  Who knows?  I just hope it stays that way!

You should come back some time ... I know of some lovely gites about 10km from Gerardmer.....[;-)]


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