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Riots near Metz

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Actually in Woippy, just outside Metz.

Link to the story here

Short version :-  2 nights ago, a motor scooter was reported stolen, cops on patrol spot 3 lads on a scooter, no lights, no crash hats, so approach them for a word.

The scooter driver takes off and 800 metres down the road, hits something, killing himself and badly injuring the other two, cops nowhere near at the time.

Last night, riots complete with burning cars etc because of the heavy handed attitude of the cops causing the lad to be killed.  Riot eventually sudued by many riot cops and dogs

I don't know quite what to make of it all

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The words of the Maire at the end of the video clip some up what was behind the manifestation, as to the flashpoint the auntie of the deceased reckons that the Police Municipal should not have followed them as they knew who they were!

The father being interviewed last night, who was very hard to understand, was trying to convince reporters that the police had knocked his son off the bike and run him over.

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