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Paris eh! No mention of those pinnies, or dyed red hair for the older ladies.

And chic, well, I did live in a city where there were quite a lot of chic ladies, but they tended to look as if they had italian roots rather than french and that is probably about right, looking at the history of the city.

Still once I moved to the campagne, no one had that 'je ne sais quoi' ....... all I can say is that it was the 'not chic' look, on the scuffy side to be honest.

Look like a french woman? I remember when my new neighbour moved in, she was quite a big girl, and then she dieted and had a flat derriere, just like all the other slender french ladies I know. I'm not built like that, fat or thin, I have a well proportioned backside and am a typical english pear shape.....

Interesting the lady who wrote these articles is called Mireille, my friend Mireille from the Valence area, was about 6' tall and built like a brick out house to be honest. A very big and very lovely lady. She always said that they needed to be big and well built from her region as otherwise the mistral would knock them over.

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