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We live an hour from Reims in the Argonne.

However... we have lived in The Netherlands for over 30 years and left for a reason... there are so many Dutch!

Over the past years we have bumped in to only 2 English couples. It seems indeed the Champagne Ardennes is crowded with Dutch but where on earth are the Brits?

Might be nice to have a get together some time ;-)

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We go to a large DIY place in Reims, we needed new windows for the garage and they were the nearest place to buy them. Only 1 hour on the A26, but 30 minutes to the motorway. It would be good to have a meet up sometime. But don't let the whole UK know about Champagne - it is nice to speak French and not have a reputation to counter. I don't really know what it is like elsewhere where there are a whole load of Brits. So I can't really comment. Take care everyone. M.
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MLD,when I read your post I was surprised.

I would be

rather shocked if anyone in your region did not have preconceived

notions about les anglais, is this 'our' reputations, probably.

I was never concerned about what anyone thought of the english, I just got on with it and there were some that would not change their point of view and others that did and others that think that I am the exception to the rule.  It should never have bothered me and never has.

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Since we both lived in the Netherlands for over 30 years and don't have an English accent in any language (except English, haha) they usually think we're Belgian or from the Alsace.

If you want to meet up send me a pm and we'll pick a date.

Take care!

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I'm glad about that Idun [:D]

Now if you want to go totally à la mode, what better than to try this


Gota be a winner init [:-))] I think that both articles were written by this woman

We get a boat load of very large females who speak and look like French, but according to the book they are obviously étrangers [8-)]

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