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Anyone in the Crocq, Fellatin, Aubusson area?

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We have just completed on our property in Cherboucheix which is near Magnat L'Etrange and then the next biggest towns are Feletin and Aubusson. Although we will be renting out initially, with short breaks for ourselves, we would welcome any contact with British living in the area who have a bit of inside knowledge on all the usual stuff. We're also looking for someone local for a possible key-holding and changeover service.


Colin and Pam Billyard
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>We have just completed on our
>property in Cherboucheix which is
>near Magnat L'Etrange and then
>the next biggest towns are
>Feletin and Aubusson. Although we
>will be renting out initially,
>with short breaks for ourselves,
>we would welcome any contact
>with British living in the
>area who have a bit
>of inside knowledge on all
>the usual stuff. We're also
>looking for someone local for
>a possible key-holding and changeover
>Colin and Pam Billyard

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