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Cooking or Pastry Class

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Cooking or Pastry Class"

Hello, I am new to the forum and from Canada, My wife and I will be spending 2 months in France from March 18 to May 15 and will spend the last 3 weeks in the SW. April 24 - May 1 will be near Cahors in Belmontet, May 1-8 will be north of Limoges at Chateauponsac and the last week south of Toulouse in Capens from May 8-15. We are interested in a cooking or pastry class on a small scale( not a chefs school as they are too long and expensive) that someone might offer in their home or ?? . Last year while we were in Tuscany we found a marvellous women who taught us an afternoon class and then we had it for supper in her dining room and the price was very reasonable. We are looking for suggestions for someone who might do the same. I have contacted the Tourist Information people in these areas and have had very limited response and even less from their suggested people. (Not even a no, just no response) Would love any suggestions you might have. The will be 3 of us for these 3 weeks as my siter will join us.
Thanks for your help,
Gerry near London Canada
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>Cooking or Pastry Class"
> Hello, I
>am new to the forum
>and from Canada, My wife
>and I will be spending
>2 months in France from
>March 18 to May 15
>and will spend the last
>3 weeks in the SW.
>April 24 - May 1
>will be near Cahors in
>Belmontet, May 1-8 will be
>north of Limoges at Chateauponsac
>and the last week south
>of Toulouse in Capens from
>May 8-15. We are interested
>in a cooking or pastry
>class on a small scale(
>not a chefs school as
>they are too long and
>expensive) that someone might offer
>in their home or ??
>. Last year while we
>were in Tuscany we found
>a marvellous women who taught
>us an afternoon class and
>then we had it for
>supper in her dining room
>and the price was very
>reasonable. We are looking for
>suggestions for someone who might
>do the same. I have
>contacted the Tourist Information people
>in these areas and have
>had very limited response and
>even less from their suggested
>people. (Not even a no,
>just no response) Would love
>any suggestions you might have.
>The will be 3 of
>us for these 3 weeks
>as my siter will join
> Thanks for
>your help,
> Gerry near
>London Canada

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