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How much do you pay for Water?


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Although one of the poorest towns in France we have extremely high local taxes, and one of the highest prices for water


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[quote user="woolybanana"]Why? Do Maries (sic) get a kickback when the negotiate the price?[/quote]

Part of it (they say) is in the detail of the contract. For example how much renovation of the supply and sewers has to be done stc.

Of course the Mairies who keep control themselves in the public sector are cheaper and more efficient than those who employ grasping private firms such as Véolia or Lyonnaise des Eaux..

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[quote user="crabtree"]Abonnement = 60€ per year.
Prix per m3 = 1.20€
Redevence Pollution per m3 = 0,30€

So basically 1.50€ per m3, plus 60€ to add at the end of the year.

But that does not include assainissement or does it?

Mine is €1.45 per m3 up from €1.37 in 2008

The assainissement is €2.11 up from €1.84 in 2008 but we have had a new station d'épuration in that period.

€5 per year standing charge.

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It is something I have to look into this year. I always take my own meter readings and the amount we used was much lower, the waste water for treatment is supposedly taken from the meter reading of supplied water but on our tax fonce or habitation showed we had been charged far more than we should so who to complain to?

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For the water;

Abonnement 37.88

Water m3 1.98


Redevance per year 45

Redevance m3 1.90

Modernisation of network

per m3 .3

Total (as per the first post all included) 4.48€ M3

We (the council) fixed the price for the redevance for those connected to the sewer/rainwater system (it cost us 300,000 for 80 houses!) so even those with wells help pay for the update. We also fix the price of the water which helps pay for the update, predicated on 120 m3 per house. As I predicted, the usage dropped when people found out how much extra they had to pay, so we have to keep putting up the price of the water per M3 to cover the repayments. Those outside the village only pay for the water they use, at a slightly lower cost.

We get two bills one from the Syndic d'eau for the water, the other from the Mayor's office for the treatement. Becareful when making comparisons between the two on useage. There can be a years delay ie Assinissement is based on last years useage.
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You should do, Our water supplied like almost everyone else is metered, when on mains drainage you pay according to your commune/region, a multiple of what you use to cover the treatment costs of the foul water.  some pay the same rate as the supplied other double or more.

That would be catastrophic if you had a water leak as you could end up paying a lot more than you think.

Sorry Lehaut, post crossed

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