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fosse septiques and builders

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You could ask at your Mairie or your neighbours if they know of/can recommend a local fosse installer and builder, or look on www.artisananglais.com (these are all English speaking and French registered) for fosse installers and builders in your area.

Be very careful though, get two or three quotes and make sure you are happy with everything on the devis including the clearing up and removal of spoil. Look at previous work or speak to previous clients (good artisans are very happy to show you previous work) and never pay more than 30% deposit just before the work is due to start ( a deposit is normal with small outfits in France to cover initial materials).

We heard an absolute horror story yesterday from clients so just take care and don't do/agree to anything you are not happy about and wouldn't do in the UK. Most artisans are excellent but there are one or two of whatever nationality who are not!
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