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[:)] We are signing for our house l9th October, it is near Sauxillanges.

Has anyone heard if Ryanair are definitely starting to fly into Clermont from

Stansted - I have been told they will begin in April. Also, we need to buy

fridge,washing machine and possibly dishwasher (depends on funds), is Carrefour

the best value or Conforama or can anyone suggest elsewhere. We will need

delivery.  Soooooooo excited, our dream house at last, although is has 7

bedrooms it only has one loo!!!! The house has no number is this the norm.

Looking forward to keeping in touch with you all.



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You will be told when Ryanair get round to it[6].  Its like flights to Rodez, if you look on their site they are not flying there again, even next summer, but word on the street is that Ryanair have not even cancelled the winter flights and are in negotiations with the airport about landing rights etc.  Strikes me that they need to get their act together about telling people what will and will not be flying before people assume that there are no flights and make other arrangements.

Clermont-Ferrand is a big town and has many many shopping outlets in and around it, what you should consider is after sales service as the supermarkets are not the best at that or deliveries.  France is strange as you often find a small shop in a village that can do a great deal on white goods and after sales service.

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Thanks Ron, perhaps if we visit Issiore we may find a suitable local shop.

Ryanair are indeed very naughty, our eldest boy lives in Chelmsford and it

would be so useful for him and family to visit by plane rather than dragging 2 under

3's on a long car journey. The house has wood central heating, do you know if this

is efficient enough or does anyone out there have any helpful hints ( the house if very

large but will only need to heat part of it for a very long time!!!  Also, the kissing thing,

do we kiss on a first meeting, if so is it 2 or 3 times or not at all - help please, do not

want to make too many faux pas in our first week.

Best regards

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I know Issoire well, I stay there when working at Tallende, there are a lot of shops just off junction 12 of the A75 including a massive Carrefour.

You will have to try the heating to see if it is OK, there is no reason that it should not be sufficient, but it gets very cold round that way Auriac is often quoted as the coldest town in France om the Mteo, although the weather station is way up above the town so its a bit unfair really. 

There is no sign of anyone from the UK flying to Clermont, Rodez is an hour and a half away, Limoge probably further,  Rodez is about 1.5 hours away if Ryanair continue to fly there, its quite quick to Sebazac down the A 75, beautiful scenery also but then you have 48kms of ordinary road to Rodez.

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[:) Hi Katie, thanks for the welcome. We started looking for a holiday home

in France 3 years ago, we wanted: 2/3 beds; small garden; in a a large village

with all amenities ( I do not drive) and we fell in love with the Auvergne.

We have bought; 7 bedroomed ex-hotel; tiny village; no ameneties except

a Relais; no garden just a large courtyard and with an attached same size

renovation project, in the middle of the Livradois Forest. We must be mad!

Fell in love with it from the start, it does not tick any of our boxes but is has

the WOW factor for us. It will be used as a holiday home for our ever growing

family. We have been told there are 4 English families living in the village which

we hope will be a good thing to help us integrate, as our French is adequate but

not great and obviously the locals will be used to the English and there strange

habits by now. Will let you know how we get on after our return from signing

and our short holiday afterwards.(why are our posts coming out in double spacing?)


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Ron's point about not overlooking small suppliers is worth noting.

When first kitting out our house, I hired a large van and bought all the white goods from large stores in a town 25 miles away. Quite a lot of effort involved.

Only after did I discover that the local electrician belongs to a network and would have supplied the same goods for similar prices, would have installed them for me for no extra charge and would be on hand (200 yards away!) to deal with any problems that might arise after purchase.

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