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Thinking of buying a house in the Correze area, any advice?

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I am new to the Forum and would like some advice.  I am thinking of moving over to France and buying a property in this area of France.  Any help and advice on the pros and cons of moving to France to live would be much appreciated.  Also has housing prices gone up much in the last 6 months and is this a good time to buy?

Thanks in advance for any advice.

Mary Jane[:)]

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Hi Mary Jane

Sorry do not pop into this forum very often.

I live in the Correze not far from Brive, what can i help you with?

House prices I don't think they have gone up much in the last - months, but someone will no doubt prove me wrong!!

Please send me your questions and I will try to help! I am not expert but have been here 3 years and as noone else has answered

your request I hope I can help.

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Hello Mary Jane

We have a holiday home near to Uzerche we purchased it in 2001 and have been over the moon with the

location and neighbours.  We will be there during the Easter and Summer holiday period.  Send a pm or

email and we give you what ever help we can.

Shane, Carole and Kai 


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Welcome to the forum, Maryjane. Sorry for the delay in replies to your first posting - I must admit I had not seen it until today! We have lived and worked here since 2001 and we have just sold our house and bought another - due to complete at the end of May. I am not sure whether prices have gone up a lot in the last 6 months, but do know there are plenty of places available in all price brackets. As a general guide you get more for your money the further east in the Correze you go, generally because you are further from the main road arteries and transport links, the area is less populated, higher up and colder in the winter (nearer to the Massive Central).

Personally we are very happy with our move and have no plans to return to the UK to live. There are things that frustrate and annoy you here, as anywhere, and things you miss about the UK (going to the library for a good browse is one for me) but that hard to define thing 'lifestyle or quality of life' make those niggles worthwhile.

If you can give us more idea of what you have in mind in terms of the type of property you are hoping for, what you want to do when you get here etc. perhaps we can all pitch in with our thoughts (so you can get thoroughly confused![:-))]) 

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hi mary jane,

the correze is in our opinion a beautiful area, in fact we are signing for our own property next week [:D]  house prices do seem to have gone up a fair bit in the last eighteen months or so, but in the last six the biggest factor has been the terrible rate of exchange. we transferred a deposit on our last property (which fell through at the eleventh hour) last september and got a rate of  euro 1.47 to £1. yesterday we transferred a fairly hefty sum for another property and only got euro 1.27!!! still worth it though!



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I, too, have only just seen your post. I also live in Correze not far from Brive. - I have checked with my husband and he assures me that his name is not Andrew. In response to your query. It is a beautiful department and as Rob Roy points out the further north and east you go the more remote and rugged it gets. Another thing to consider is how much of a Brit community you want. Stephen Clarke (author of A Year in the Merde)  reckoned that this particular area was the part of France least discovered by brits in an article he wrote last year. A lot of rot really but if you want a greater Brit population you should look around Pompadour and Lubersac. Property - all prices and it is impossible to say whether prices have gone up much as all French houses are individual. Hope that helps and if you want any more specifc advice please pm me

Regards Val

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Hi Maryjane, have just got back from our home in the Correze and read your post. Can only endorse what others have said- we have had our house  near to Uzerche for almost two years now, and have been made to feel very welcome by everyone we have met so far. Not too many Brits in the area, think Rob Roy is our closest ( hi Mary!) and she and her husband have given us loads of help and advice. We have our house in England up for sale and hope to be moving over permanently very soon...Any help I can give please dont hesitate to contact, regards, linda
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