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New forum for the environment

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This project looks really exciting - I wait with baited breath for it all to start.

I am particularly interested in the fact that the project appears to take the best from the old and new:  new technology and the internet will also play key roles.  Man's increasing need for communication has contributed heavily to pollution from motorised transport and I had always hoped that the internet would help to bring the communication/transport issue full circle.  Eventually so many more people should be able to work from home.  Shopping from the internet may reduce significantly the transport problems: one truck delivering to 100 people as opposed to 100 individual car journeys can't be a bad thing can they?  Video-conferencing technology is already well advanced and should reduce the need for travel (including international business travel) - if only people can be convinced that they don't actually need to meet someone in the same room to do business.  I think it will happen given time (video-conferencing is already gaining in popularity at some of the world's biggest companies).

By the way, it isn't really a new forum for the environment but a large living project of 12 eco-friendly chalets built around a lake and inhabited by experts in their eco-friendly fields.  They hope to be 90% self-sufficient in food at the end of the first year and 110% efficient in energy (I presume they will be trying to sell the 10%).  Well worth a look at the site.

What does anyone else think?


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