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Poem for the smallest room


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Here you go Monika! It is for putting in a gîte but gets the message across, you could tweek that bit to fit though.

All of us with septic tanks
Give to you our heartfelt thanks
For putting nothing down the sink or “pot”
That is not guaranteed to rot

Alien loo rolls, tissues too
Floss and tampons are quite taboo
And cooking fat and food remains
Are sure to clog up all our drains!

To give our fosse its greatest ease
Please remember these 4 “Ps”
Only pink loo paper, poo and pee
Keep a fosse clean and trouble free

Should you choose to ignore our plea
You’ll soon find, unhappily,
That smelly floods invade your gîte
With solids, paper, smell – not sweet!

Thank you for reading our request
For we live here and really do know best
That well kept fosses, running clear
Mean you’ll return year after year!

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Doesn't everyone have a poem in the smallest room???

Ours in the UK used to be:

To use this loo here's what you do:

one sharp tug and then let go

tends to make the water flow.

If at first you don't succeed,

wait until the floods recede.

When again the tank is quiet

is the time to then re-try it.

actually, must try and think of a new one as we have the opposite problem now - the button gets stuck down and the water just keeps going!
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[quote user="Monika"]Wonderful Jay Jay, I will write it out in my best "Calligraphy" and hang it in the toilet and one in the kitchen![/quote]

And one in the kitchen?

Is that in case the sink gets used when the small room is busy? [8-)]

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When you stand before the loo,

Please be careful what you do.

Don't gaze upon the view outside

Or wave your todge from side to side.

Make sure your little friend don't miss,

Cos I don't like to mop up p**s.

The Management

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