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Free Corsica!


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Reminds me of a trip I once made to Wrexham to watch a football match in the 1970's.

After the game I called at a garage for some petrol and on a advertising hoarding next to the garage someone had sprayed FREE WALES in large letters.


Underneath someone had added "With every 4 gallons of petrol"

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hello, just joined, saw this and thought whats this about, as I was thinking of buying or setting up a B & B in Corsica.

English people do not really have any probs with non nationals entering the country, or

  • where you come from,
  • what you want to do when you get here as long as it is legal and you have the money
  • even if you take the p--- out of the English system
  • if you or someone else creates trouble with any other nationality or their property in England because the police will react
  • the UK has large communities of other nationals
  • we sell our land to whoever has the money to buy it, not lets keep it Corsican

these people seem very selfish, petty, nasty, narrow minded and rascist

If people are saying you have got to toe the line and kowtow to corsican ego's no matter what, then I do not think it is for me, I mean what would they have done if you had let your livestock graze on their land?

Any self respecting person of the world today would have the decency to ask permission first.

I believe in good and bad in everyone but will not take outright nastiness and obstinacy.

Does anyone know how many British persons reside on Corsica?

I will pay a visit to look for property and find out, but if anyone can offer constructive advice it will be appreciated




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