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Re: Sarah Palin satire


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Have you heard 'The News Quiz' on Radio 4 lately?

They regard Sarah (or 'The Moose' as they call her) as a saviour.

A saviour for the show that is, a wonderful new target for their satire!

In a cartoon I saw yesterday it said that Sarah was not just a pitbull but also crossed with a terrier

The result?  Terrible [:D]

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 She frightens me to death - she seems like a person who has no natural 'brakes' - the thought she could be a heartbeat away from the Whitehouse is very scary indeed.

On the other hand there are those who think that the fnancial mess the USA is in now is due to a lot of people on 'Washington Hill' putting their self interest first and that Sarah Palin would blow all that 'old boy network' away

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[quote user="Russethouse"] I saw this the the day after it had been televised - sadly the words used were Sarah Palins own ![/quote] (my bold)

Yes, and apparently this is the first time an 'impersonator' on SNL have ever done this.

The fact that Tina Fey did, and it was so funny, says far more about Sarah Palin than it does about Ms Fey's or the writers' talents.[:'(][:D] 

I think that was just on one or two occasions though. It's well worth rooting around for the others, which are more imaginative but still horribly credible.

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