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Are all Welsh people this silly?

Mr Coeur de Lion

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[quote user="Chancer"]

I think that I should make a French hoax version, mind you everybody would know it was a hoax straight away.

"Good afternoon! this is Bricowotever/SuperU/nimporte ou, you are through to Gilles of the customer services team, how can I help you?" [6]


I had a call like that this week! [:D]

It was Géant, calling after I had sent a complaint from their website.

I had bought 3 iTunes cards (buy 2, get 1 free), which the temp at the till had not put through correctly.

As they had not been authorised, I was unable to use them and I complained online about it and about the 70km trip Géant's ineptitude would force me to make to replace them.

Lo and behold, someone from the Aurillac branch called to offer their apologies and a promise that the special offer would be honoured even though it had been a one-day offer. I have a name (yes!!) and an email to confirm!

See Chancer, miracles do happen[:D]. You just have to believe [:P]...

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