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Online tax form - where to put dividends

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We have a modest share portfolio managed by a UK bank in Gibraltar.

It was moved there from Jersey when the bank restructured its offshore banking in 2013.

I have always declared dividends in "autres revenus de valeurs mobilieres et revenus assimiles" under dividends non eligibles a l'abattment de 40%. (Form 2047)

This year the online form (due in midnight Tuesday in our department) just won't let me enter in that box, in section 4 B nor tell them what country the money is coming from. The only 'live' boxes are in section A.

Can anyone help? I am going back to paper next year so I can talk to the nice lady at the Impots!

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On the page where you select which declarations you are making did you check in the charges section 'charges deductible' etc? this will open up the section on 2047 you are referring to. Be aware section IV of 2047 has changed.
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Thank you Kong. I have now managed to open Up the section I wanted, I do hope that I have done it right, but have never been queried. Now I am trying for the third year on line to get them to recognise the S1 .... We have had to go to the impots to get a 'degrevement' for the past three years.

I will go back to paper next year. They are so helpful at our impots office.
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