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Chris ..... Doggy is my foster dog. If you mean will I be adopting him for good we will have to wait and see what santa brings him. !!!! As hubby has not met him yet and says we are not getting any more pets ...cough cough !! Once he is home and has met and fallen in love as I have I think adoption papers will be in his stocking. We will have to wait and see.  

Trouble is if I work I cant look after any more animals if I dont work I cant afford any more animals life can be a bitch some times .

JJ ...How many times have I said no more cats and dogs as they break your heart every time , but when you faced with a home without one and then you start to think of all those animals in the SPA with no homes and no nice fire place to sit in front of you realise your own heart break is not as sad as the broken heart of a dog with no home .....Trust me .... Go on just a little one  I really did not think Boo would take to another dog in the house as she is so jealous of me and any time spent away from her , but she is like a dog with 2 tails now she has met Doggy its true love.... 

Not much happening up in my mountain this week , except bathroom and wall in living now done ... But mainly walking all week to keep out of the way of the builders ...then lots of cleaning after the builders .....



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No I didn't mean will you be adopting him.  I know you've already adopted him and vice versa!  So now you may be able to foster one.   [8-|]

"When you faced with a home without one and then you start to think of all those animals in the SPA with no homes and no nice fire place to sit in front of you realise your own heart break is not as sad as the broken heart of a dog with no home."   Excellent Pads, that is so very well said.

I have a broken heart having just lost two of our oldies.  But last weekend I got a "very oldie" out of Niort and this week shall be returning for another little pretty, dainty, elderly Cocker who was pleading.  She cannot be left there.

Marlow (who came home on Sunday) is nearly at the end of his little life, but we'll try to make him happy for what he has left.  He's been sleeping a lot since he arrived.  The stress and trauma drops and they start to relax and recover once out of those places.


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[quote user="Christine Animal"]The stress and trauma drops and they start to relax and recover ... [/quote]


Our newly acquired SDF - an elderly 14 year old cat suddenly made homeless when her mistress died - was very cautious when she arrived chez nous. And who can blame her ? A very French cat from a French home suddenly transported, after 3 months on the streets and without a home of her own, to a new place where the people spoke English and nothing was familiar. She retired to a quiet corner behind the bikes in our garage only materialising when food appeared. Unfortunately it was obvious all too soon that she was not too well, as she drank a lot, peed almost constantly and clamoured for food without cease. Speedily help was sought and diabetes was diagnosed. Fortunately she is responding to the insulin jabs and making excellent and continuing progress. But, as our Vet said, she would not have survived for much longer had she not found a stable home when she did.

Life is fragile and hangs on a more tenuous thread than we sometimes realise.


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So deserving of a home ... old but definitely not past it yet.



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Ok just for you then Nec..... Copy of this weeks news letter to my friends

Hello All

You probably cant see me !! But I'm stamping my feet this week as the lac has been drained !! Its been so warm this week and the first thing I want to do after working in the field or walking is take the dogs down for a swim but some bugger has pinched all the water ....except for a muddy pool in the centre even Boo wont paddle in, although we did see another snake wiggle across it before disappearing in to the mud. It appears they want to clean it and fix the concrete post that hold the bridge up !! Huh will have to wait till next year now till its full enough to swim in again.

We have had some cracking walks this last 2 weeks wish I could show you some of my photos but its impossible to send them. They keep getting returned to me because I cant shrink them ...being a tec-no-nerd. The sun light streaming through the canopy of trees , the startled look of deer and pheasants as we meet them on corners the fresh air and views all knock me out each day , now the leaves are all turning different shades of autumn all the nuts are ready for picking , which is funny as often they drop by them selves on to the heads of the dogs which makes them jump, Doggy is funny he will search around for ages trying to find what it was he is such a comedian , although he is getting a little cocky now, he thinks all my time and lap are his and his alone and will push boo out of the way , he then gets told off and pushed away , so he throws him self like a spoilt child on to the floor does a dying act and covers his eyes with his paws and peeks at me to see if i have changed my mind , I'm amazed at how patient Boo is being about it all. As my lap has always been hers for such a long time but she is being cool like he is just a naughty little chap , I think he makes her laugh too. He ate his own chew this evening then went and snatched hers from her , I swear she looked at me and just rolled her eyes got up beside me on the sofa and just watched him.

I'm reading the latest chocolate book the one after lollipop shoes its called Peaches for Monsieur le cure for those of you who have read the other 2 its fantastic ...go get it. A neighbour down the road brought it over last time she came , it was lovely to get a new book, I cant stress how much I'm missing good book shops , still I have written to Santa hopefully he will fill Dave’s bags on his return trip The worst bit not having amazon I don't even know what I'm missing

Oh and your never guess what my wood has arrived .......only a whole summer has gone by in trying to get it ...I'm really beginning to get the soon soon (beinto^t) The little hat is above the o but buggered if i can get it there . It really means when I can be arsed not soon at all . Anyhow now we have a wood pile to match everyone else's in the village Dave is pleased because they say the size of your wood pile shows how big your cough cough is !!!! really........ In the last 2 days a number of people have walked past and said oh I see you have got your wood then .... with a knowing amused look on there faces ..... now who has been talking in the pub about the silly English woman who has made a big fuss about getting her wood Mmmmmm .... MEN !!!

Talking about neighbours laughing at me (again) Tigger was in the field with me the other day as I worked , he normally finds a bit of sunny grass and settles down to watch me work. But this day he was charging around killing grass hoppers (looks just like Dave on his PlayStation killing the enemies) Next thing I hear is a pitiful Mewl.... I look around but no sight of him ...I hear it again to look upwards and see him hanging off a branch of a fir tree by one arm , his claws stuck in the wood, but not able to reach with his other arm to get up. So I quickly run to get me step ladder as he was far up return set it up even from the top I have to stretch so I grab the branch hoping to pull it down a bit and get him ... but no the branch snaps we both fall tigger buggers off and i look up to see 2 hunters walking past watching me.....with a what is this woman doing now look on there faces .....All I could say was Moi chat and point feebly into space, and rub my sore bum....

In fact I must admit the word soon has entered my vocabulary quiet a bit as well recently... You have been here all summer when are you coming to visit us? ....Soon Soon .... When are you going to get Internet?.... Soon Soon. I have even been telling my self it ......when are you going to give this house a good clean? ... Soon Soon.....When are you going to paint the last bedroom.... Soon Soon .... But I totally blame the Dogs for that one if the sun is shining they stand with there noses pressed against the door and do the fidget dance , its impossible to do any thing but go out side and play. Ah well winter will soon soon be here ..... HA-HA I'm not going to fall for that . I want to get out and explore some different places but that means getting in the car and wasting half a day getting there and back when I could be walking in my mountains with a sandwich in one pocket and 2 dog chews in the other and my 2 friends so much more relaxing ....I even resent going out for food shopping and keep putting it off until I'm eating bread n marmalade..... for 3 days .....

The tomato sauce and soup making conveyer belt is still churning out meals for my freezer , nearly now at a end until next year , But I have a feeling my skin is gong to be red/orange by the end of the winter and it wont be the sun. Thankfully carrot soup and tom sauce are 2 of my favourite meals . With a bit of chilli in of course as those of you who have tasted either made by me will know. Mushrooms are also now everywhere so I have been picking and frying in butter for the freezer for Dave .

There is a stray in the village again a real pretty lab/retriever cross so so skinny but looks very healthy and has a stunning coat don't think he has been free for long , I haven't been able to catch him yet although he appears friendly and will take food from your hand but will quickly side step if you try to grab him. If he is still around next week I will try to get hold of him , NO...... I'm not going to keep him He will have to go to the SPA don't think he will stay long he is a pretty dog. But with winter coming here soon its not the best time to be hanging around outside. It seems a lot of people come up here and dump there dogs, what is the matter with people!!!! How can they look at them selves in the mirror the next day ?

The village has become very quiet all the tourist gone just a few Sunday walkers , the locals are inside there houses with fires on ???? I really don't get it they have been wearing coats for weeks now even through its been between 20 /26 here this week and sunny. Still they think I'm mad for wanting to swim.. I don't think they would ever leave their houses if they had to suffer a English summer. I have had one fire on the day it rained and that was more for comfort than actually being cold .

I expect like me they are cooking away all the produce from the gardens for the winter . They probably have a lot more than me to do.

Right that's me off to my pit to read for a while Tigger has beaten me too it and is smack bang in the middle of my bed so I guess That's me doing an impersonation of a star fish again for the night so as not to wake him..... Do I need my bumps feeling or wot ? I'm just to darn soft on these animals.

Thanks for the stamps from those of you who sent them I can tell you you made one old chap very happy, when he saw the first one’s he was so excited his wife had to make him sit down, he rang one of his mates from the stamp club he belongs to to boast about having them, apparently they had all been after some but he was first to get one . He made me stay and got a bottle of champagne out of the cupboard for us to drink, (they drink it like water over here ) I think he may of had a wager going with his cronies which he had just won..... Ah well it is nice to make some one so happy with some thing so simple isnt it ?
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Well, I'm glad that I had the odd hour or so for this entry P!![:-))] And as you asked so very nicely I'll post your latest photo of your new cat called Doggy?

I have to admit that it ain't a bad photo for your Box Brownie either [6]


Well, at least you aren't going to get cold now, but when we do get chance to get up to see you I'll be examining yer piles, wood that is, and will probably leave with some bits if they look interesting [:D]

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