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Re: Wish me luck


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I'm off to bed now.

Not important, in the great scheme of things, I admit. However, I haven't actually slept now since Tuesday. At all.

As I have a cold, I invested in some Tesco cold and flu capsules yesterday. I took 2 in the afternoon, and 2 more before bed, then spent the entire night doing jobs, followed by a trip to do the weekly shop at 5.45 am. Then I came home, moved furniture and reorganised two downstairs rooms, went back to town to do some other shopping and then spent the afternoon working.

Only when I went to take another dose of the capsules did I read the word "caffeine" on the active ingredients.........

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Slept like a log, caffeine-free....I never noticed its powers when I used to drink tea and coffee all day without a thought, except on one occasion when I was working in Rome for a week and tried to maintain my normal (back then) coffee intake on a cup-for-cup basis. However, this morning I am starting to realise what a hangover must feel like.

Teapot: dead man walking....[:D]

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