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Re: The songs we are singing


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Krusty and Clair, both excellent choices !!!

Steve, I had not heard this song for a long time, made me nod my head   ( true!!)

Clair, that guy is ... a real eye candy.....


[:D]  A great song too !!

Roch Voisine   City of New Orleans

He was a hockey player , then he was injured, and as he couldn't carry on his sport carreer , he turned to singing..

Yummy too isn't he ?? [:$]

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Great ,  Clair !

Do yu remember that French band from the 80s , " telephone" ... " New york avec toi"

I was 15, we used to play it very loud, it was a fantastic band..

I feel isolated tonight, boyfriend gone, my home phone ( landline I mean), is out of order, so is my mobile !!

He could call me a while ago but we got cut off all the time, very frustrating..

Most of the time I just can't use it..

Went to the Orange shop twice, yesterday and today, it will now have to wait til monday .

I hope I ll be fien tonight, cos with no phone, it is stressful!

We only realize how dependent on those modern items we are, only when they don't work .. !

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[quote user="TWINKLE"][quote user="Frenchie"]

can you find for me a Macca song , entitled " Keep under cover" .. I just can't find it and I love it VERY much...



You can download it here for 99 cents



Hi Twinkle !

Yeahh I know !! I got it  on my PC, but I merant I wanted to find it on You Tube.. to be able to post it here...

I got the Macca's complete collection I think, and the beatles complete on a CD Krusty gave me as a gift .

Thanks anyway !!


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Where there's a will there's a way!


You download the song  from your PC onto yousendit - it's free if it's just for one attatchment at a time 

then when you recieve a notification mail from yousendit, you post that link here on the thread and we can click on it and listen to the song for 10 days. [:)]



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