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Re: The songs we are singing


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Now a summer song   Chris Rea  " On the beach"

What a beautiful day again...

My sister's arriving tomorrow, haven't seen her in such a long time, I'm more than happy..  With three kids, we'll be busy but hey, we have all our time for them!

And then, I can't wait to go and see you in Liverpool Norm !! Gonna be great, like always. G can't wait going to Preston, and Blackpool..

Do you think we can leave him in the football museum and go have a beer somewhere ?? [:D]


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Weedon..... [:D][:D][:D] ..

Steve.. what ? not enough energy to dance til dawn ?? [:D][:D]

I'm up early, doing the housework while it s not too hot, then.. I'll just REST for the ...rest of the day !!

Sisiter arriving so ... lots of chats!!


I'm like you Weedon, I don'"t like it hot   LOL   .. But in the summer the sun.. is KING

Sun King


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good morning all

I'm so tired, I dont know hat to do.....  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cjH50O94hSw

Have been at the hospital half the night with son who had asthma attack and high temperature so they wouldnt let him come home. Have to pack the car for travelling tomorrow night after attending a wedding all day ( not good planning on my part there)  but hey sunday i will be at home in France  Cant wait.


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Hello you all !!

Judith, I'm sorry about your child's asthma attack.. unfortunately I know it too well with my own son.. It led him to the hospital in may .....

Glad to hear now everything is ok for you...

AH so you re coming over !! great !

Yu know I have family over at the moment, but as soon as they have left Ill get in touch so we can meet ok?

Weedon, I complained all day about the rain too! But we decided we wouldn't bother, so we went for a long walk in the forest!! [:D]

It's raining again  [Www]

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I finely watched the de vinci code today a bit over long .One I have wanted to see for a while , I like anything to do with Leonardo . Funny the key word was apple .....the Beatles label ?........and so is Mary`s remains buried below that pyramid at the louvre ?

Let it be ................mother Mary comes to me 

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