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Re: The songs we are singing


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Merci Cathy!

I'm an early bird today..!

A song comes to mind ,   Blackbird  ( a lovely video )


Cathy, what you say makes me happy because that s my idea for this thread, playing all sorts of music, different contributors different styles, and someone who would play the songs could have fun, a bit like watching a musical programme or listening to a radio programme.



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Oh Twinkle tu es un amour !!!!

Sincerement merci à toi, c'est sympa, j'ai bien écouté, et je vais l envoyer à mon frère qui est lui aussi un fan des fab four et macca et Lennon.

I unfortunately won't be in Liverpool for the Anfield concert, (June 1st) , but I'll be there in August, with my son, and no doubt we'll have a great time..

Guillaume wants to go to Blackpool, we'll go to the lakes, etc etc...

Can't wait !!


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