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Helloooo Mint!

All is well with us but it has been quite a year...our house sold in a shockingly quick oh-my-god-have-we-slipped-on-a-banana-skin fashion in the summer and we are now in UK in the apartment we had fortunately bought a couple of years ago..

Life is made up of chapters and after 20 years it was, without doubt, the right time for us to turn the page and start another - but we are still somewhat in that adapting and adjusting phase...There are things about being near the family again etc which delight us but at the same time people and things of Anjou that we miss a lot.

I feel neither anglaise or francaise , Sooo am I in need of a counsellor or a jolly good bottle of Saumur Champigny ?!

We are picking our way through the intricate trivia of becoming UK resident again ,so if anyone wants to know how to make friends with the DVLA and register a car or persuade the GP to make eye contact and listen to your question...I'm your man !

It's all good clean fun and I must say a joy to see so much of our family .. A text from a 20 year old grandson saying 'Move it Gma! meet you in 10 at Corn's, My turn to buy the coffee ' is worth a lot!

Turkey stuffing duty calls now. Happy Christmas Mint and everyone else!


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How marvellous for you and Mr J selling up so easily and being back in the UK near your family.

I am delighted that it's gone so very well though I can imagine the WORK you would have had to do to make it all possible!

Your grandson sounds a lovely young man.

Here's to wishing you all the very best in your new chapter in life and a future full of good health and much joy[:)][kiss][B]

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I come onto the Forum for the first time for AGES and whom do I see but ...  Dame Frenchie, Vice Headmistress of the Academy of Haberdashers and Seamstresses - AND - Bursar Mint too.

Can you believe this was SEVEN years ago?


Lots of love to you

Lady C xxx

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So many questions to ask, Frenchie.  Do you still teach?  Your son would be a teenager now?  How have things been?

I've been away from the Forum, just popping in when I've needed valuable advice.  Re-reading the Academy thread made me remember how much fun that we had.  I feel quite nostalgic.

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