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Yes, me.  OK on the whole.  Lost 200 euros once in another bank's DAB and they only went through the motions of recovering our money.

I only have one prélèvement with them and OH was mis-sold a PEL.  If you want a basic bank that does open on Mondays, they're OK.

Site is easy to use but limits on moving money could be expensive as you're only allowed some ridiculously small amount like 3 grand if you do it yourself, otherwise you have to do it via their HQ in Bordeaux or at a bureau.  But do check my figures as it's a while since I needed to move funds about.

I use them because they are cheap and indeed they are no worse or better than the other 2 banks I have tried before.

I also have a Hello Bank account since last year in order to have a no fees card and for some savings (such as they are).

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WoolyB, we've used La Poste banking for ten years to handle our French finances, never a hiccup in any way, they pay the standing orders etc. their charges are minimal and in our local office the service is good. With their help we opened a Liveret A savings account so as to have a small amount of money for emergency uses should it be needed.

 My good lady wife who is the finance manager in our family; thinks and I must agree with her that La Poste Bank is superb.[:D]

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Wooly I think it depends what you are looking for. OH and I have a LaBanquePostale current account at minimal cost as we have no cards with it. For us it is fall-back, second bank account. We also have an associated tax-free savings account. Everything works, but only slowly.

Our main account is with a young, modern bank which moves with the times so I can be confident that money I am transferring today from the UK arrives today and not next week.

Also Mint is right the daily € transfer out limit is very low with la Poste and they keep reducing it; I haven't looked recently but it could be as low as 1K€ per day now. It was bad enough when I was trying to move our savings out 4 years ago to pay for our house and the daily limit then was 4K€.

More could be moved but that meant going into the branch and signing paperwork and then it had to be processed, etc etc. It was like watching paint dry.

Perhaps patience is not my best asset.[:)]


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I would go with these people in a heartbeat




Everything a bavnk should be, no charges a free mastercard, no currency surcharges on purchases or ATM withdrawal fees anywhere in the world, all transactions at the wholesale mastercard daily rate.


Sadly I cannot change as I now have significant amounts of cash and cheques to pay in every month unless someone can suggest a legal way of laundering the funds.


The website says coming to France in 2016 but you can actually bank with them now, it takes 48 hours for the card to arrive, the website will however be in English until they become fully operational in France which wont be a handicap to anyone on here.

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La Banque Postale (LBP) has a cheap current account - about €6.40 per year. Internet access is free. If you have a Livret A you can have a free card for cash withdrawals at LBP only. There is a charge for credit cards, which I don't have.

Their systems are archaic compared with UK banks but OK once you get used to it. Entries posted on a Friday won't show until Tuesday as nothing happens at weekends. If you want to make 3rd party payments it takes 48 hours to set up. For international payments they send a confirmatory text with a code to your 'phone. If you want to change the phone number used for that purpose, you have to 'phone your adviser and, yes, wait 48 hours.

I transfer £ into € with CurrencyFair & it is credited to my LBP a/c the following day with no charge by LBP.

All in all, whilst it might not suit everyone, I am happy with the account

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[quote user="Chancer"]

Everything a bank should be, no charges a free mastercard, no currency surcharges on purchases or ATM withdrawal fees anywhere in the world, all transactions at the wholesale mastercard daily rate.


But when they get going and have a customer base they will then start charging for this and that. Unfortunately French businesses have history of doing this, remember, NRJ.

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I've had a La Poste account for quite a few years now and have no problems with them. It's useful that you can use it in any part of France; I don't have any problems paying for goods in the UK with my card when visiting over there and it's easy to transfer funds between the current a/c and the Livret A on-line.

My brother has opened accounts with them now as he's building a house over here and he finds it easy for the on-line banking when he want to pay suppliers etc. or for transferring from his UK account into his French one.

All in all much prefer them to either CA or Banque Populaire who we used in the past.

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