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Old Folk’s Lunch


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The ‘Repas des Aines’ is an excellent annual event here in our Commune in early December.

It’s for 65yo +’s (although I think that if your other half is a bit younger, he / she still gets an invite!). Always an excellent ‘bash’ - a full 6 course meal, lashings of wine, about 80 attendees.

Lamentably, it won’t happen this year - there’d be no quicker way of finishing off the elderly population around here if it were to happen. Mark you, the Maire might view it as an opportunity !!!

Anyway, our other Brit friends and we have been discussing what they might do instead. My money is on a hamper.

When Mrs G was hospitalised a few years back, we received one from the Commune. A really nice thought, but containing more than a few dodgy things. Things in cans that most of us wouldn’t dream of purchasing, let alone consuming.

We all wondered whether there’d be a 2 person as opposed to a 1 person hamper. What’s more, why not offer the choice of an ‘amper anglais’ as opposed to a francais one?

Lots of good things could go in to the anglais version. Baked beans, decent teabags, proper bacon, a bottle of sherry, etc.

Any more suggestions ?

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Every Christmas our Commune gives a Christmas box to all residents 70 or over.

I've been getting for some years and MoH qualified for it a couple of years ago.

They have always been of good quality with a nice selection.

They put it to suppliers to provide.

Why should a French Commune provide an English box?
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