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[quote user="leedstyke"]

You have a cruel streak Miki.

Anyway as a food critic, how are the fish and chips up there ?


Generally Ropey !! But the fresh fish is marvellous

But we have a nice chippie in Dinan with good owners.

It wasn't really too cruel but you have Batesy and you deserve him.

What he wasn't going to do when Chelsea got to Leeds wasn't worth

mentioning !

Next year eh ?

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[quote user="KatieKopyKat"]Oh and the Italian baldy referee is Colina and he doesnt do international football anymore.[/quote]

Cripes, the lady sure knows her stuff, best bints are the ones that know their togger !

How are you Katie ?

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[quote user="Dick Smith"]"Youll be telling me youre a Sunderland supporter next !

No, the only Leeds Wembley game I was not at. Working that day."

'Fraid so. Roker Park Clock Stand. Good day out, proper Bovril and Unidentified Floating Object meat pies.


Mr Smith - why are you talking like Mr Tyke?

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[quote user="KatieKopyKat"]

Yes, I am a lady and a full on football head.  How much longer leedstyke?


This is me watching West Ham and England (footie not rugby)


You're looking fit and somehow rotund all at the same time. Do you play ladies soccer ?

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[quote user="Dick Smith"]I think I'll pop into the kitchen for a quick pint of Pride.


Typical, whenever you are losing a debate Deekie, so the spiteful

remarks come out. It really no wonder you were banned from the place

that ryhmes wiv cricket bat and dance !

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>>>...Vicky Pollard...

Pheeew.... I know why they call her Missyesbut now.  ...... Bridgette Bardot" ... Nah... Nothing as beautiful as a British Babe.  (Or should we say English) <<<<<

Yeah but no but, yeah but no but KKK well done!.... but yeah no but yeah actually it is Brigitte! Bardot and yeah but no but she is no babe no more, she's a right bit of biltong! yeah but no but avec ses klébars.

Yeah but no but you didn't know that Vicky could talk some French!...

the girl's got to be able to let her hair down now and then!.... Might need the aspirin tomorrow morning!!

KKK I don't have smileys on this machine, just imagine a whole strings of big smiling faces!!!! and a bisou juste pour toi car tu es une sweetie! in that football mad outfit of yours!
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