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Just Katie

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TWONKS, TRESC, DOTTY, JAYJAY. LOU, PIP PADS LORI, ROSEBUD, GAY, MIKI AND DIK (women) SCOTTISH MAN, (YOU KNO WHO YOU ARE) BIG FAIRY WOODCUTTER,HORNY, QUILLAN ( I secretly think you are ooooomph) ummm who else? Oh yes Jon D (cos of the steamy dreams).  Old gits from the muppets. (Ron and Tony Dord) SB &TU. Ummmmmm who else ummmmCroix Blanche,

Good Bye and sorry to all that I have forgotten.

Chris PP I still hate bats and slugs.

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Really nice knowing you all but need a bit of fresh air now!   XXXXX get my email of f Twinks those who want to keep up the friendship.  I must say though, the most humbled pm I have ever received was from PIP.  Cheers girl.  I could not compete with that one. (thank god) God bless you. You put things into perspective that day. You are chosen. XX
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Now wait a minute - you need to know a few things about Katie.


A.  She was completely sozzled when she wrote that (you already knew that though didn't you?)

B.  She's a drama Queen

C. Last night she went up her friends house for drinks and they were watching rugby on the the telly.  She sulked over to the phone to call a taxi and everyone said "No don't go - we'll put the rugby off"  So she stayed[:)]

D. She needs to know you care about her (3 threads are NOT enough for her ego)

E.  She will be dying with shame about this to-day.

F.  She can't spell.

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Hic, burp, hic, just back from a few days on the hooch meself, I reckon

that makes two of us. Now whatever are you on abart  Katie  ?

Only one man (the King) has ever said he was leaving the building

...................................... and stayed out [;-)]

Swansea was good Katie, well if you could get around the town, all the

roads are up !! We went to the Renaissance resto, good value, good food.

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where were you going for that piece of fresh air Katie? Not to far I hope ? Maybe i missed something but can rugby be that bad? You know what they say,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,If you cant beat them join them .. If you cant join them think of something better to do. Dont let the Bar.... stewerds grind you down girl , look around that corner and and it will be there................take care love P
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I had 2 flat pack elephants arrive this morning from Instantbull in Turkey, and I have been blowing them up all day! I noticed there was still some deflated creature in the box, and I stopped blowing the second elephant to see what it was. It was a little Pembroke Corgi that they give you free when you buy 2 or more of the medium elephants. She is so cute and pudgey, I decided to call her Katie to remind me of the Just Katie one on Living France.

Me and the elephants, we'll never forget you (as Robby Peterborough once said)


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