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sick to death of the forum

Sarah Griffith-Head

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That be an olde Kentish word used during the great Plague when locals were found staggering around the village green, it is still in use today usually after the pubs close......[:D] TP did you take the up to date pictures on the Pembury website that are diplayed alongside the 'olde' Pembury shots? It's a great idea I have a few old prints of our local village here in France and it has inspired me to do the same thing.[:D]

  Not hi-jacking your thread 'Not Chris' but just to add that my better half agrees completely with you, at the mere mention of 'The Forum' her eyes glaze over and she suddenly finds ironing very interesting....[:D]

best regards


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Oh yes Sarah, I think many would agree with you.  I find I spend far more time on the forum / Internet when my husband is overseas (most of the time).  When he is here, I am rarely on - although he does know many of the folks on the forum because I talk about them.  He has also benefitted from some of the valuable info. I have learned here.  So, he doesn't give me any grief.  If I was on each evening, I think there would be hell to pay.

Okay Chris, so you have read this now.  Why don't you give Sarah some private evenings just the two of you??  Set the days so each of you know whats happening.  Could be just a bottle of wine and the sofa with a good chat.  Doesn't always have to be dinner out, but that would be nice once a week.  A babysitter would be nice once per week too !!  Okay, I'll stop there....



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Hi Sarah, here is a few words from my husband.

"katie copy cat (my wife) and Twinkle are more interested with this forum than any other thing living to man, if i give them a choice of chocalate, our marraige or the forum i know what they would choose.  Twinkle's husband who is my good friend in France also feels the same way.

We should set up the computers to limit them for 30mins a day which i am working on and will let you know along with anyone else on the lonely boat.

Happy New Year to you and hope you have a power cut in France for the rest of the holiday period!!!! that way i may see my wife for the New Year.

Good Nawr.





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Hi Sarah.

In the past I've definitely spent too much time on the forum, but the OH doesn't mind.

He only ever minds when I get angry or worked up in a bad way, rather than in a positive way. If he said it was a real problem, I suspect I would compromise and adjust the time I spent here.

If I knew a few English people here in real life, who had the sense of humour I find here sometimes, I would probably be less drawn to the forum, but over time you get to know people and some of them do become 'virtual' friends, (including Chris, though he may not feel like it sometimes). This is something I never would have believed possible three years ago.

I'm not in a position to ban Chris, so I can't help you there[:-))]  [:D]

Mr Katie, please can you cut that allowance down to 15 minutes.[:P]



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I didn’t wanna borum

As I went on to the forum

I sat on there day and night

Writing crap I couldn’t send

Trying to get into a punchup

With anyone who would bite

I feel much better now

And with better sight

Seeing some others plight

I’ve pulled the plug and

Decided I should get a life

And perhaps spend a little more time

With my sweet wife.

Perhaps one day. [:D]

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Oh!  I'm so happy!!!

JK always says I make up words.  I thought it was a real one too but she undermines my confidence so much that girl![:)]


I am the only sane person on this forum so if you start getting Pms from loopy ladies let me know who they are and I will advise you on whether to take them seriously or not[Www]

Edited:  I don't know what came over me[:$]

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