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Blues music.

Chris Head

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Tuesday - Artsworld (Sky 267) 12:45 am - John Mayall Turning Point documentary (25 minutes) (also later in the week)

Wednesday - Performance (Sky 271) 7:00 am - Cliff & the Shadows 1978 reunion concert.

Thursday - Artsworld 8:30 pm Led Zeppelin, 1969 concert.

Thursday - Artsworld 9:00 pm - James Brown, Godfather of Soul (Documentary)

Friday - Artsworld 12:50am - Scorsese on Robbie Robertson (ex The Band)

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[quote user="TWINKLE"]

I haven't got Sky but there are plenty of music channels on Canalsat.

And there's always this[;-)]



Well worth it, if only for Zoot Money. Many moons ago, we used to go to Caister for similar events. There used to be a whole bunch of us (we're talking coach here !) great fun.


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I believe Zoot Money came from Bournemouth, and as far as I know is still based round there, though I believe he has a regular gig in Sarf London. Not a lot of blues legends in Sarf Manche, though you might catch Blind Jacques Dupont around the Avranches delta - plenty of muddy waters. Our other place in Sussex was a different matter, the area was crawling with them. One of Pink Floyd just the other side of the river, quite a lot of Genesis (it wasn't far from Charterhouse school where they started), some guy called Clapton up the road a bit, both the remaining Beatles not far away, to name just a few. Not many did gigs in the local pubs, though we had plenty of well known jazzers who did. When I was a lot younger, we had Adam Faith next door but one, that was at the time he was managing Leo Sayer, so I knew about him well before he ever got involved with Big Bro. But the real namedropping piece de resistance must be the fact that Alvin Stardust used to visit his old mum, who was in the old folks' home at the end of the road. And as far as I know still is.

Sorry for the delay - had been quietly composing this reply during slack minutes at work, but one of the bosses decided to unplug the computer in his search for what was causing one of the fuses to blow (I'm working in what used to be an old house in the middle of an English market town and I think the electrics and plumbing must be the 17th century originals [;-)] )

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