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latest on those pesky social contributions, please


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[quote user="mint"]Congratulations, Parsnips!  And thank you for letting us know about the 2015 contributions.  I might send off an email initially to see how the ground lies or go the full hog and send in all the necessary docs.

Nothing ventured, nothing gained, huh?



     Latest; full refund (several k) appeared in bank acc. today. 

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Had a letter during my enforced absence ... we got the years we expected too, though something has been kept back for some reason, but not much.  Not had the monies, yet, but understand it might come as a re-imbursement, a tax reduction or something other.  Still essentially - we got it.  Won't bother with any more, as pretty sure it will not be allowed, and I have better things to do with my time!!!!

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Well done Parsnips, and thoroughly deserved of course! My only bug bear now is that although our 2012 & 2013 contributions were reimbursed by cheque in December, despite several requests by email to the local tresorerie, they haven't yet stumped up the promised interest. Next step is a march down there to try to sort it out, wish me luck with that!
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