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Form for UK Tax Reclaim?


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If you already do a tax return in the Uk each year you just put the item on the return. If not you use a form R43 and send it to your tax office.  Add a note about it on the last page.

You can find the form on the HMRC website.

I assume you are talking of a once only taking of a pension pot? If you actually mean that you will get a monthly or annual income for the future as "drawdown" then the tax return is probably the way to go.  It is just like a pension then.

If you do a forum search on "cashing in a pension pot" you will see earlier postings re this.

Mrs H

Edit: This reminded me that I have to put an item like this on our French tax form - I shall have to look up which box to put it in though!

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Hi Hereford,

Thanks for the info.

No, I don't do a UK tax return yearly. I have already had the 25% tax free so know that the UK tax man is going to take some and I will have to reclaim. I am not taking a monthly income I am just going to draw some out as and when. It is a small pot and if the 'gov' decide to change things yet again I would end up with yet again some pathetic monthly amount. So I've decided to reduce the pot bit by bit whilst keeping an eye on the french tax side of it ie keeping the overall revenus under a certain amount. I know I could take the whole pot and just declare on the french tax return over 4 years but that seems a bit of a fag so that's why I'm doing it as said above. Mrs KG
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