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Tax return - Carte D'Invalidite


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I have to complete my tax return online this year, and as I have not done this before, or even seen the online system, I am a bit worried about a some things.  Generally my return is very simple as my only income is the UK OAP and a small private pension, plus a derisory amount of bank interest.

But - First, I have been awarded a Carte D'Invalidite  for "Taux d'incapacity egal ou superior a 80 percent", and I understand that this reduces my tax liability.  This Carte is newly awarded and I have not declared this before, so I would be grateful if anyone could advise me how to record this Carte and claim the tax reduction on line.

Secondly, I presume that there is a facility on line to list details of UK bank accounts.

Third - Although I have been in the French tax system for many years, and my bank account has not changed during that time, I have read that I need to send in a RIB this year - how do I do this when completing the form online?

If things become difficult can I still go to the local tax office for help even though I have to file my return online?

I would be grateful for any advice,


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David, re the RIB question. For the first time this year on the 2042 under Coordonnees Bancaires it says Joignez obligatoirement un RIB. Scratching my head as I always pay by cheque, on reading again and seeing the very small print against the title it says 'si ces coordonnees sont inexactes, joignez obligatoirement un RIB' I take this to mean if you require a refund you must join a RIB hopefully some kind person will come along and confirm or correct me. However you are doing it on line I am not so re how you attach a RIB on line I have no idea. In fact maybe I have totally confused you now - sorry I did try to delete my post as it's irrelevant but it was too late. Mrs KG
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David ............

First of all, I'm a bit surprised that you are being required to compete your return online, since given what you describe as your modest income, I thought that your 'foyer' had to have an income of E28k+. Anyway, it doesn't matter much, because just about everybody is going to have to use the online system within the next year or two, so you may as well get used to it !

I took the opportunity to download the 'Brochure Pratique 2017', (I needed it anyway) - all 350 pages of it. Put simply, you receive an extra 'half part' in your circumstances. This is credited regardless of the date in which it was granted, so you'll get it all for 2016 income.

When filing your return online, you'll find a box on about p4 or p5 which is headed 'Situation du Foyer Fiscal 2016'. You tick the 'P' box indicating that you have a Carte d'Invalidite.

Out of interest, I put some numbers through the Impots simulator, and for a couple with an income of E36k, their liability with & without the extra half part is E1008 and zero respectively, so it does make quite a difference!

You haven't said much about your circumstances however (i.e. single or married) and the rough level of your income, so its impossible for me to suggest whether this extra half part would make much difference. If you wish to pm me, I'd be happy to help more.

As regards getting started for filing online, the Impots website is pretty straightforward. I've been doing it for several years and I seem to remember that originally you had to apply to file online and wait for a password to be mailed to you, but it would now appear that you can do all this online and set up your account. How you enter your bank details will doubtless be there - if they don't actually pop up automatically.

Finally, if you're still unsure, do go to the local office. I've always found them to be excellent.

Hope this helps.

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Thank you very much indeed for such an excellent and full reply, thank you also for all the time and trouble that you have gone to.

Firstly the matter of the E28k+ probably arose because I had some temporary income in the 2015 tax year that put me over the E28k for that year.  As you say it makes little difference in the long run.

Your explanation of how to enter the Invalidity credit and when it applies is very valuable and clear, as is the example of the reduction in tax that may be achieved.  When you say that you ran some numbers through the Impots simulator, is this the same as filling in the Impots form, or is there a special simulator that you can practice on before officially entering any numbers?

As regards my personal circumstances, I am married and retired.  I have not finalised my income from 2016 yet, but I am in the process of doing so.  I am just waiting for a document from the UK which should be with me soon, but to my surprise I may be over the E28k limit!

I will have a go at the forms on line, and hopefully I can ask for more assistance if necessary?

Best regards, and thank you again for such a very helpful post.


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David .........

Yes, that would have been the reason for the requirement to complete online.

The Impots simulator is quite handy, but (unless they've enhanced it) doesn't work if any of your occupational earnings or pension income is from a 'government source' (local authority, civil service etc).

To find the simulator, go to www.impots.gouv.fr and click on 'Particuliers'. (You don't need any logon to use this) Then click on 'Utiliser les services en ligne ......' Then 'Je calcule mes Impots'.

On the rh side of the next page is the icon for 'Simulateur de calcul .......'. The 'modele simplifiee' is what most people need.

For the majority of us, the boxes 1AS & 1BS are for pension income (incl State Pension). If you have income from other sources, then you've just got to find the right box. In your case, you'll find the 'P' box fairly early on.

The simulator pretty much replicates the pukka online return, otherwise it wouldn't be much of a simulator I suppose!


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Thank you very much indeed for that, and I am sure that it will be of use to me as none of my income is from the government apart from the standard OAP which is taxed in France.

At the very least using the simulator will hopefully give me some confidence in working online.

Thank you for your very kind and helpful posts.

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