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Bletchley Park - soon to close


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Bletchley Park is soon to close due to lack of funding. This building was vital to the allies in WW2 as a code-breaking facility, without which the war may have had a different ending.

It receives no funding from the government (perhaps they should breed guinea pigs) and relies solely on donations and visitors.

I would ask all ex-pats to sign the petition to save this park - it costs nothing.


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I heard that there was a fund raising initiative being mounted by PGP and IBM to help save Bletchley.

If you haven't been I can highly recommend a visit. Apart from the fascinating exhibits the guided tour we had from one of its "ex-employees" was absolutely brilliant.  He wouldn't tell us what he had done there but the man was a real character with a "brain as big as a house".

Here's a shot of the Colossus machine (the worlds first electronic computer) I took. We even had Tony Sale the man who rebuilt it give us a talk about it.


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Very sad.

I attended a number of meetings there, in the Board Room and the Library. Unconnected to Enigma, but perhaps a bit enigmatic, as I was working for Silverlink Trains at the time, and we used it as an affordable venue! That ended after I'd built a management suite at the station - a project I hated, and knew I was not cut out for. That could hardly be said of those gifted people beavering away in the huts!

Few war locations can have seen work that saved so many lives, perhaps.

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