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Changing House Insurance policy


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We've been with the same insurer through the same broker for ever, but want to change after the current policy term expires because, as is so common in Britain, they're taking the pee with ever upward premiums as the reward for our loyalty. We've found a new insurer who can more than halve this year's quote.

I know nothing about the French insurance regime except that insurers are entitled to six weeks notice, which I have just given.

But my soon to be ex broker has written to say that two months notice is required, or I could use the 'Loi Hamon' route.

Anyone been through this route recently who can throw some light on the situation?


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Might be worth getting another quote, if you have been with them "for ever" and never contested the annual increase with its compounding you could easily be paying 300 or 400% too much, if you contest every year the increases will be limited to between zero and 5 percent, otherwise 15%, 20% etc, for them it would be rude not to exploit a pigeon.


When you approach a new insurer they will always ask what you are paying and never offer more than 50% off as that would admit the scam they all perpetuate, the quote might be half what you are paying but could still be double what it could/should be. Go elsewhere and refuse to answer the question of how much you are paying, watch them flounder (they are so predictable) and tell them how it is going to be, you will accept the most reasonable honest quote and will not accept double figure renewal increases, you will go elsewhere every year if that continues to happen, you were used to doing that in the UK and it doesnt bother you.


Around here only one in 3 is able to comprehend the situation and adapt their way of doing business.

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