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Tax: Brochure Pratique 2018


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This document is accessible on the Impots website and is invaluable if you want to check out the rules on any given situation.

At 380 pages, its hardly 'bedtime reading' (!), but will enable you to ............... well, do what I said above.

Go to the Impots website and .........


Obtenir un Document

Je calcule mes Impots

Documentation Utile

Access a la Brochure Pratique 2018 (declaration des revenus 2017)

I 'bookmark' it every year - sad I know, but there you are!

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Thanks Gardian. I'll see how I go as our information remains, more or less, the same each year. If I do get stuck I'll refer to it. What I find frustrating is that you have to do things in a set order i.e. supplementary forms first. I found this some years ago when I was not allowed to proceed in the main form as the supplementary info hadn't been input....
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