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Micheal Jackson Dead


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The thought of him gazing down from his glass coffin as people pay tribute to him seems a bit bizar but there you go.

I see on MSN today that its not all bad news for AEG Live. Apparently they own the rights to all the film and music from the concert and although the concerts won't take place there was a full dress rehearsal and guess what, it was recorded by them. It was originally filmed so they could 'tweak' things for when he performed in front of the public. Apparently AEG Live have already said they will not be going after anyone to try and claim their expenses back nor the money they had paid him in advance, they will make enough money from the film and some albums of the 'concert' which will be released over the coming years. Talk about falling in a skip of liquid sh1t and coming out smelling of roses.

There is also apparently a collection of over 40 songs recorded by Jackson which have not been released and will also form albums over the next few years but who will get the money? Sony I hear is the prime candidate.

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The most sensible and balanced remarks I have read were made by President Clinton..

But that's why he made President


his face bright red under a scorching summertime Caribbean sun, spoke

fondly of Jackson, recalling that the singer performed at his first

inauguration in 1993.

He also said Jackson had struggled with the burden of early fame.

"He was an immensely gifted man and I think he basically meant well," Clinton said.

"I know about all the trouble he had in his life and I hope he will be remembered for his contribution as an artist.

"I hope his children turn out well. That would be the greatest tribute you could have."

On the other hand how sickeningly  typical that nobody here among all of you who love France and are so "integrated"  could quote a single French joke or comment

Here is a specimen!

"Maintenant que Michael Jackson est mort il va rentrer dans le Petit Robert..mais cette fois ça sera le dictionnaire!

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