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Huguenots and you


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[quote user="Judith"] Church in Soho Sq (NW corner) is definitely French protestant (but whether Hugenot I don't know).  [/quote]

Huguenot is a generic name applied to those French Calvinists/Protestantes that left France for various points of the compass between 1544 and the French Revolution - there never were Huguenot Churches per se, they were Protestante Churches used by those French Protestantes who followed Calvin and who, in England, remained Calvinist or slowly made their way into the Conformist and Non-Conformist congregations.  Realistically, the word Huguenot is used as a generic description, in the USA as a social cache but for the rest of us, it's much more a sense of worth and recognirion of 'other'.

And regardless of what some people have said, unlike Protestant/Protestante, the origins of the word Huguenot still isn't known and there are many conflicting theories as to its origin.

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Thanks for the info.  It is something I didn't know, though I do have a reasonable knowledge of French history (for an Englishwoman!!), but I hadn't realised that Huguenot was simply a generic name.  I have a memory that they also settled in the Spitalfields area and became silk weavers, as well as the Soho area.  Some of the houses their have recently been "gentrified" as it now acceptable again to live close to the centre of town, and it is very close to the financial district of course!

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Small point based on the Morin communication to Littré regarding the "ungnote". The google scan of the work for me looks more like "unguote" and that supposition seems to be supported  lower in the Stanza?http://www.archive.org/stream/miscellaneenzur00docegoog#page/n49/mode/1up/search/ungnote http://www.archive.org/stream/miscellaneenzur00docegoog#page/n49/mode/1up/search/unguote
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The most unsavoury part of Huguenot history is their part in South African history and apartheid. Eugène Terreblanche was the leader of the Afrikanner movement in SA- who swore to do all he could to restore apartheid. He was assassinated today by 2 of his young workers on salary issues- let's hope it will not lead to a resurgence of hatred in SA. I visited the Huguenot Museum there and found it quite unsettling.

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Will : "I suppose that explains my mistrust of Roman Catholics"

Perhaps this really is all just a storm in a teacup ?

Certainly Pope Benedict XVI is not in the same league as some of his predecessors.

In fact he doesn't seem to have got round to the murders, adultery and genocide so popular with :

ST. DAMASUS (366-84)

SIXTUS III (432-40)

ST. LEO THE GREAT (440-61)

SYMMACHUS (498-514)

ST. HORMISDAS (514-23)

BONIFACE II (530-32)


VIGILUS (537-55)

PELAGIUS (555-60)


SABINIAN (604-6)


THEODORUS (642-49)

ST. SERGIUS I (687-701)


ST. GREGORY II (715-31)

STEPHEN III (768-72)

ADRIAN I (772-95)

ST. PASCAL I (817-24)

EUGENIUS II (824-27)

NICHOLAS (858-67)

ADRIAN II (867-72)

JOHN VIII (872-82)

FORMOSUS (891-96)


STEPHEN VI. (896-7)

JOHN XI (931-36)

JOHN XII (956-64)


GREGORY V (996-99)

SERGIUS IV (1009-12)


JOHN XIX (1024-33)

BENEDICT IX (1033-46)

PASCAL II (1099-1118)

ADRIAN IV (1154-59)


CLEMENT III (1188-1191)

INNOCENT III (1198-1216)

GREGORY IX (1227-41)

INNOCENT IV (1243-54)

BONIFACE VIII (1294-1303)

CLEMENT V (1305-1314)

JOHN XXII (1316-34)

URBAN VI (1378-89)

MARTIN V (1417-31)

EUGENIUS IV (1431-47)

PAUL II (1464-71)

SIXTUS IV (1471-84)


ALEXANDER VI (1492-1503)

JULIUS II (1503-13)

PIUS X11 (1939-1958)
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[quote user="sweet 17"]

[quote user="Will"]I suppose that explains my mistrust of Roman Catholics, which is probably not far-off equal to Gluestick's dislike of Eastern Europeans, Chinese, Muslims etc.[;-)]


Oy, can't you just lay off us Catholics?  Haven't we got enough trouble with paedophile priests and a Pope with a shady background without people on the Forum heaping more grief on our heads? 


Having Breton ancestors ,( dad's side ), I wonder if I may not have ancestors from the other side of the channel...

My family name is typically Breton, though it was " Frenchised" at the revolution.

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You re not alone Pierre ZFP, I don't know of any Huguenots ancestors either !

Both mum and dad from Catholic families.

My dad was from a large Breton family, 10 kids ( !) , and my grand dad could not stand someone swearing , he would take off his felt hat and make the sign of the cross !!!

My grand mother, I remember, always used a knife to trace a cross on the bread before anyone could cut a slice.

When I was a kid, I spent all my summers in Britanny, at my grand parents 'farm, and there was no way I could not go to mass !

With gran, we walked 5 k to go to church, wearing our sunday's best!  But I did something that is forbidden, I took the " ostie" before I had done my " communion".

What are the words in English for that ?

Ooops, sorry for being off topic..

No huguenots for me either , you see, Pierre .

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