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Is Parsnips still on here?


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 I'm still here!

The answer I gave before was for a police pensioner.  All "fonctionnaires" (police, fire,teachers etc) are covered , and separately non-government employees who get an injury pension via the social services;  any injury pension need not be declared .         ( references; BOI-RSA-PENS-20-10 et 20-20).
If the disability is rated 40% or above you can claim an extra 0.5 point on the income tax allowance -see the form 2042 page 2 box  P and notes. (you would in that case have to send official "justificatifs".)
 Hope this helps.

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It certainly does, thank you for the link.

A friend filling in tax forms for the first time was unsure as to whether to include his disability pension (UK Civil Service) along with his normal UK Civil Service pension. From what you have provided he should not include his disability pension on the tax form.

I don't know what his % disability is but will tell him about the 40% claim. I doubt he will be paying tax here in any case if he does not have to declare his disability pension on the tax form so the other 0.5 point would be irrelevant.

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