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[quote user="Weedon"]

Now see what you have done gardian [:)]


Sorry Weedon.  It's all my fault.

Look at it from my point of view though - I've got Mrs G who has reminded (= nagged) me 2 -3 times today to make that I ring that number tomorrow to order those (xxxxxx) cards.

I wouldn't mind, but we've got dozens left over from previous years that would do!

If you read about "Expat Brit expires due to OH tongue-lashing", you'll know that it was me. [:-))]

Oh, and stop squabbling you lot.   

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[quote user="Swissie"]Principal Quillan, your English fails you. Never heard of him or met him so I have no idea how he could have heard of me - I am perfectly aware that anybody who wanted to find out who I am could easily do so - but why they would want to, truly beats me! It would not take a genious at all. Been asking questions then?

All our neighbours are armed police officers and work day and night, thank you. Your post is truly unpleasant and is surely meant to intimidate and as such, again, would not fit in well with the Code of Conduct, sadly.

Afraid your reply shows your Internet naivety. We fortunately have only had two or three situations where things have turned nasty although in one case it did involve the Gendarmes and another a letter from Archants solicitors. Unfortunately there are some sad people out there in cyberland. It is not wise to put so much personal information in the public domain and no I personally don't go round finding it I just happen to see a couple of posts and thought 'why would you write that, its a bit too much information which could be dangerous in the wrong hands', So no my comments were not meant as intimidating but factual, if you took them as such then I apologise as they were not meant to be.

As Sweet 17 said many threads go off topic and its very rare that the moderators take any action, I only mentioned it because you decided to bring up the matter of rules. Anyway I don't think we should carry on with this in open forum as discussing the working of the forum is also a breach of the C of C.

Hope you enjoyed your evening.

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