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Tax (skin of teeth time)


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Having got my internet connection back at last, I'm hoping it will hang on in there long enough to finish and file my 2017 impots before tonight's midnight deadline.

2 questions: -

1 / - can anyone think of a reason why  having put shares dividend (now gross of course) in box 2DC of 2047, - and only in that box - it doesn't seem to be reflected in the final calculations (I've looked at the final calcs before and after adding the dividend data) ?

and 2/ - where does building society interest go these days?

many thanks


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     I think you have to fill the whole section 200, "DIVIDENDS ELIGIBLES A L'ABATTEMENT  DE 40%"..even though there's no tax credit now, you fill lines 201 to 207 (204.. 17.7%)and end with credit = 0. ...then carry the gross over to 2DC.

    Bank interest  ...same; section 230 to 237 ...again result credit 0 then gross to. 2TR.

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Sorry for resurecting an old thread. I have posted a query re> dividend income that has me confused. I only just realised that the UK tax credit had been done away with.

For the 2019 form, what goes in line 206 of form 2047: "impots supporte a l'etranger?"
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[quote user="avalon"][quote user="david"]
Hi parsnips,
I believe interest has moved top online casinos this year to 260 (not that it will make a diff as still results in 2TR on 2042).


Got it![/quote]
Good idea.

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