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La ville idéale...the best place to live in France

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So you want to move to France and need to choose a place to live.

Try this website.... https://www.ville-ideale.fr

You see, the best places to live in France are not the most obvious to the British. I have said that for many years but only to get constant abuse for saying so. This site backs me up.

Some score examples..

Bergerac 4.39/10

Sarlet 5.74/10

Gueret 4.73/10

Eymet 0/10 (nobody wants to live there)

Saint Amand Montrond 5.17 .....be careful some Brit French property developer (lol) sells houses there to unsuspecting Brits...eek.

ALBF Ville ..... 8.48

Come on Chancer, how does your ville score ?

Be careful where you buy !!!!!!!

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Those results are very suspect. I reckon that site is a bit like Trip Advisor, open to abuse.

No-one , least of all my French friends, considers Rodez  7.47 more desirable than Montpellier  5.98....and Bordeaux only comes out at 6.37 although these last two are regularly quoted as being favourites with  the French

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ALBF - thank you for bringing this site to everybodies attention here. I have so far read only about the nearest city to ourselves and glanced at others. I can identify with those who gave both low (1 ish) and high (8 ish) scores.

I do think, though, that drawing general conclusions from this site is perhaps wrong. It is much more relevant and useful to read the comments for any particular place to get a feel for why the average score for the place is as it is.

As an example Perigueux got a very low score for transport. As somebody who has a car this is not a problem for me. Likewise the roads were described as in a poor state! Goodness, that person hasn't driven along our lane in the Uk, or indeed our city there! For me Perigueux would be higher, but I do accept that the areas outside those that I tend to go to are not too good (but better IMHO than most larger cities). Buses, though, are very poor, again IMHumbleO.

In conclusion, its a very interesting and useful website so thanks, but use it with caution and it will be very informative.

(sorry but it is starting to sound like a review!)
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My ville is not listed, not worthy of comment but would get a fat zero, the inhabitants try to deflect their misery by pointing out that its far worse in my village [:D]


Closest ville listed is Amiens, it got 4 point something but I think all the comments were from the C.M., this guy gave it 2.5:


 pas grand chose à faire, une ville très sale (déjections canines, vomis sur les trottoirs), des mauvaises odeurs, un chômage a 12%, beaucoup de pauvreté.
Une ville morte, un très grand manque de dynamisme.


And he is right, it is dead but compared to my locality its more alive than a lit fuse and the closest that I can find some little bit of normality, normal as in the worst day of your life [:P]

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Its all a bit of fun but given that so many towns like mine dont even have a single review I bet the other ones only have a handfull and then skewed by it being people encouraged by social media or those with an axe to grind who bother.


About as objective as a Tripadvisor listing with only a couple of very marmite reviews.

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That is a boring site Norman. It has been around for years. There are actually better sites than that.

Actually, my little girl showed me the site I linked (she was comparing where we lived in Paris to were we live when we are not living in Paris) and thought it would be fun to post it. Gives expats/immigrants looking to move a different perspective of France.

Well I think it is a fun site.
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[quote user="alittlebitfrench"]@Norman

Bordeaux is only a favourite with French Cadres because it is cheaper than Paris and they might stand a chance finding a job. Otherwise it is a complete dump. Like Lyon I have to say.[/quote]

Now, you see, I love Bordeaux - think it's a beautiful city.

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