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Are your email addresses current?


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Hello, everybody

I am asking this question because I have my doubts about whether emails I have sent to some of you did in fact reach their destination.

Anyway, I want to alert friends on the Forum that I am very busy at the moment moving some of our "chattels" to our new place and also warning you that the old brain seems to have been left behind in Spain so that I am going to be PMing over the next few days rather than sending cards (virtual and paper).

In particular, I am speaking to you, Suej.  I am also sending messages because I expect to be without internet for a few weeks until end of February unless I am able to sort something out sooner.

So, can I here and now wish all my friends (and the few foes I might have) a Very Happy Christmas and New Year as I am likely to be out of circulation after next Tuesday.

So cheers, everybody.  I raise a glass to you all and do look out for my PMs.  Think of the Kitchener war poster cos I'm pointing my finger at YOU, OK? 

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[quote user="Judith"]S17

Does this mean you got the house?  Last I remember it was still up in the air.......  good moving .....  and bon voyage (as it were)

That was probably a few houses ago, Judith!  Like you, not a proper move, just having some stuff taken there and will be flitting between the two.

This is no time to be selling and anyway I can't do that thing again with packing what seems like thousands of boxes and so stressed by the time they came to take the boxes I could take a knife to my wrists or throat.

Pacha, what'll you cooking in that there cauldron?

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