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Selling a house - private sale

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I am hoping and praying that I might have sold my house to a private buyer (friend).

Can someone tell me how one goes about it. Is it up to me to find an Advocate and have the compromis drawn up or does the purchaser do this. Who is responsible for finalising everything, would that be my Advocate but at a cost to the purchaser.

Having paid for everything when I purchased the house, I really do not want to start paying more when I sell it. Lets face it, I am making a fairly hefty loss on this.
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For Advocate read Notaire here in France.

Find one as close to where you are as it will be easier for you.  If you or your friend's French isn't up to scratch you will need to look for an English speaker or one who will provide a translator as the Notaire is required to make sure all parties understand the French language paperwork. If your friend doesn't like this then suggest they find the Notaire, either way there are the same procedures to be followed..

They will ask for a list of documents to be provided. All Notaire fees are paid by the purchaser.

Best of luck.

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Although your buyer pays the legal fees, you have to provide the diagnostics reports (i.e. termites if required, energy, lead, asbestos etc). So allow something like 800-1000€ for that.

Although you and the buyer can appoint different notaires, normal practice is to use just one. As a state official, representing the government rather than either party, the notaire should be impartial.


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