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The EU is all about everyone following the same rules etc and will continue to do so. The thing is the UK has not been a member of the EU since 1st Jan 2020.

The UK is not to be trusted, signing an agreement with the UK is not worth the paper as they ignore it (or parts of it) afterwards or go back on their word.

It is a two way thing. I have an N26 bank account which was registered in the UK. It was cheaper to charge the account with money then visit the UK because I got a very good exchange rate. I was given a choice at the end of last year to lose the account or transfer it to an EU country as they were closing their UK operation down because of Brexit uncertainty. What I am saying is it is a two way thing and not just British banks.

I find it amazing that people thought nothing would really change with Brexit, well it does change and it is changing. Still you all got a blue passport out of it even if they are printed in Poland.

Also the Guardian article, well from what somebody said here, they were told their accounts may be closed months ago so for a newspaper, even if it is pro remain, to claim it was sneaked up on expats is not actually true.
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