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S1 holders - social charges on dividends and investment income


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Have just seen this on FB - the fiscal consequences on individuals of Brexit


and it seems to indicate that, as a result of Brexit, rental income, dividends and interest deriving from assets in the U.K. will be subject to an additional 17.2% tax


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Yes, according to para 5 it seems the CSG will be applicable. Presumably not for the 2020 declaration about to be made but for income from 2021 onwards. But you will be able to claim part of it back in your declaration in the following year.

However, this article https://www.french-property.com/news/tax_france/brexit_social_charges_s1_exemptions implies the full CSG will only be applicable to those not eligible for or holding an S1 prior to 31Dec2020.

Those with a pre 31Dec2020 S1 will not have to pay CSG on their pensions and only 7.5% on rental income, dividends and interest, etc.

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